A Hungarian couple turned a dilapidated house in Bali into a tropical paradise

Anett and Lóránd decided 5 years ago to pack everything up and take on the world with a bag each. They thought that great adventures awaited them all over the world as they set out to travel everywhere. In the end, the project turned out not to be a trip around the world, but something completely different. They were stranded in Bali when the epidemic hit, writes A Home culture.

According to the newspaper article, the couple got married and converted a dilapidated house in Bali into a tropical paradise that has become their home. This is Villa Magnolia.

As they said, they were also lovers of home decoration, and Bali is a real paradise from this point of view: handmade lamps, furniture and other decorative elements are available at friendly prices.

They had been living on the island for a few months and suddenly the moment came when they realized they wanted their own house in Bali. This is how they embarked on the first love project of renovating Villa Magnolia. Although the final result speaks for itself, they revealed that not everything was successful the first time, and there were a lot of difficulties during the reconstruction.

They had to overcome the first challenge from the start: they had to map local regulations. A foreign citizen cannot buy his own land in Bali, but can rent the land for a long period of time, which reverts to the original owner after the contract expires. Also, the house cannot be higher than the top of the tallest church in the city. It was not always easy with local trades, they had to search for a long time before finding the right craftsmen.

Every detail of the renovation was planned by the couple. They showed their ideas to the workers in photographs. Bathrooms and kitchen have been completely remodeled. Most of the construction was done by Balinese masters, and then Annette and Laurent finished the small finishing touches together.

The young couple enjoyed the renovation of Villa Magnolia so much that they recently started another project that is slowly being completed: this will be their new home. In this way, Villa Magnolia is published, which means it has become a publisher, close your article Home culture.

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