A cosmic rumble detected

Gravitational waves permeate the universe at low frequencies, creating a cosmic background hum, according to a new study, writes Reuters. These waves of space-time already Albert Einstein It was predicted in 1916, but the detection of the first waves was only reported in 2016.

Recent discoveries show that the universe is pulsating with gravitational waves that oscillate over eons or longer. Ripples originate primarily from collisions of supermassive black holes.

“Gravitational waves are typically created by astronomically dense objects in our universe orbiting each other. Gravitational waves actually stretch and contract spacetime as they travel through the universe,” he said. Jeff HasboneOregon State University and member of the team.

Objects called pulsars, the dense, rapidly rotating centers of exploded stars, played a key role in the new study. The experts used a total of 68 pulsars, and a 15-year dataset was analyzed in collaboration with the North American Nanohertz Laboratory’s Physics Frontiers Center for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) North American Collaboration.

The researchers described the gravitational wave background of the universe as being like listening to a large group of people talking at a party without being able to distinguish any sound.

For a long time, scientists relied on different domains of electromagnetism when trying to study the universe. Gravitational waves provide an alternative way to observe.

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