6 people involved in drug trafficking, 13 people may be prosecuted

Charges could soon be laid against members of a criminal gang who bought more than two million euros worth of drugs from abroad and traded them in different parts of the country.

Investigators from the KR NNI in Miskolc began investigating the drug trafficking group at the end of 2020. In January 2021, two men from Keskemet F. Christian and Budapest G. Carolit Arrested by the police, then last October three Budapest residents, B. sabbath, V. Chabolxat And H. Thomas. Then eight more men.

Members communicated with each other through an encrypted platform. However, in this application, they spoke openly to each other, fully believing in its secrecy, and were hidden from the authorities. Various drugs were brought to Hungary from Serbia, Austria and Germany.

Dealers procured the medicine based on the price list below. Marijuana 2,500 euros per kilo, amphetamine 1,500 euros, cocaine 38,000 euros, amphetamine oil 1,900 euros per liter. These drugs are then spiked with caffeine, glutamine, or benzocaine for maximum benefit. Thus, with more than 600 kg of drugs imported from foreign countries, we were able to earn many times the income F. Christian Criminal gangs are in control

During a search of his house, the police found a significant amount of cocaine, crackers, a laminating machine and vacuum films, a sharp-edged Mod 70 pistol, and more than HUF 13 million. Investigators seized drugs, mobile phones, a high-value car and more than one million forints from the organization’s affiliates.

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Senior members of the organization, who had been active in the hierarchy for nearly a year, were investigated as suspects for drug trafficking, while those at lower levels were suspected of drug possession. However, analysis of the encrypted platform used by drug-trafficking criminal gangs revealed an even more serious crime.

Through this application, F. Krisztián hired a man to kill someone he knew. As a result, he was investigated by the investigating authorities as a suspect for not only drug dealing, but also for preparation of murder and misuse of firearms or ammunition.

He and his three companions – P. Csaba, V. Szabolcs and H. Tamás – are in custody pending the continuation of their case, while G. Károly is under criminal supervision. 8 more people are absconding in this case. The police have completed their investigation, so the case is now with the prosecutor’s office.


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