111 State movable property belongs to the church free of charge

Former minister Viktor Orban’s church district will welcome them.

A decision was issued to transfer state property to church ownership free of charge In the Hungarian Gazette. This time the government did not hand over land but movable property to help fulfill religious obligations.

The value of movables is not disclosed and they are a Dunamelléki Reformed Church District Where to get it Soltan Balok Bishop, Bishop of the Hungarian Reformed Church, Victor Orban Former minister works.

Great Martin The Minister of Economic Development shall ensure that the contract with the Church District is concluded within thirty days of the decision being made.

State property transferred free of charge is not registered. They are listed in the decision attachment with inventory identifiers in the Counter Terrorism Center’s (TEK) registry, so the only thing that can be known about them is that the church district will receive 111 chats without cases, burdens. and claims.

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